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David Lynch - Crazy Clown Time


"I know a song. I know a song to sing on this dark night," whispers a spooky, spectral David Lynch on Noah’s Arc, a quietly smoldering, beat-driven fever dream tucked away in the midst of Crazy Clown Time. And that’s really how auteur film director Lynch’s first album comes across; it’s a hellish, claustrophobic night terror, plodding a somnambulant path of destruction through the listener’s fragile psyche. A song for a dark night, indeed, and beneath all the telltale Lynchian weirdness (and perhaps, at turns, because of it), Crazy Clown Time is something of an off-kilter, haunted pop gem.

David Lynch - Crazy Clown Time | album reviews | musicOMH

  • 12 November 2011